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imoo Kids Watch Phone: Global High-Technology Kids Brand Now in India

Published on Feb 07, 2023 06:43 PM IST

imoo, a company that specializes in making high-technology products for kids, is also a brand that operates under BBK Electronics. On 13 January, 2023, the brand was launched in India.
                                                                    imoo watch phone launch in India


By HT Brand Studio
BBK Electronics, a company that was founded in the year 1995, has become one of the biggest electronics brand in the world today. It also happens to be the parent company of OPPO, VIVO, One Plus and Realme which are some of the most renowned brands in India. imoo, a company that specializes in making high-technology products for kids, is also a brand that operates under BBK Electronics. On 13 January, 2023, the brand was launched in India. It is a new category for the Indian market and the brand aims to reach out to both children and parents who were looking for such devices for a long time.
imoo offers a wide range of kids watch phones designed for children. Shortly after setting up the base a few years ago, the company registered record sales in major countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Australia, China and others. While most children use technological devices, these gadgets are the ones that are owned by their parents. In a short span of time, these watch phones got lapped up by children in a huge way and parents witnessed the positive change it was bringing into their lives. imoo has become the largest kids watch phone brand across the world and is now making these innovative products accessible in India as well.
One of the biggest concerns for parents is connectivity with their children. These watch phones are SIM card enabled, so parents can call their children as and when they need to the kids watch phones by imoo come equipped with several safety features that enable parents to track the location of their children and find out whether they have reached a particular destination safely or not. The devices are made with TPSIV or soft rubber that feels very soft on one’s skin. The material is environment-friendly and free from any kind of fluorescent additive.
imoo was launched with the objective of being a brand that would cater to the technological needs of children across the globe. Years of research went into the development of kids watch phones. imoo is the first global company to develop 4G-enabled products in the watch phone industry. The chipset was developed in collaboration with Snapdragon. The brand boasts of a well-defined supply chain system that, among other things, supports the research and development processes undertaken to create innovation in this space.
“Safety remains our topmost priority while creating technology-driven products for children. Each and every watch phone goes through multiple stages of quality testing and is completely safe to be used by children or anybody else for that matter. Some of the unique features of our kids watch phones are their flip structure, 360-degree all-round protection, AI locating and swimming-grade water resistance. While engaging in a physical activity like cycling or running, children can track their progress using the watch phones. These devices offer the best features you come across in smartphones and smartwatches”, states Punit Yadav.
imoo kids watch phones come equipped with an AMOLED screen, IPX8 water-resistance rating and flip structure. Two kids watch phone models that the brand has launched in India are the Z1 watch phone and the Z6 watch phone. While Z1 is priced at Rs. 9,990, Z6 is being offered at a price of Rs. 20,990. Z6 comes with a front and rear camera and Z1 features one primary camera. The devices are available on leading online marketplaces like Amazon and the brand’s official website imoo Kids watch phones will soon be available in physical retail outlets across the country as well.
In India, there was a need for a company that would offer technological devices specifically for children. imoo has entered this space and made it clear that it is committed towards making high-technology products that would be beneficial for children. After the humungous success of its watch phones, the brand is now geared up to launch several other products under different categories that would appeal to children.


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